Henri, Martine, Sylvain, Vincent NEGRIER, enthusiasts by their job, make you discover their amazing nectar.

During your passage, you will fall under the charm of the reception which will be reserved for you. In any simplicity, visits and tastings will be commented to you and you will understand very quickly that this nectar is elaborated with all our heart and signed by our tripes.

More than a job , a passion, for a work done well on a country of exception

Chateau Moulin de Blanchon is on the village of Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne, in 1 km in the North of Saint-Estèphe, in 10 km of Pauillac, in 50 km from Bordeaux, in border of the estuary of the Gironde, particularly well displayed.

This exploitation produces on average 100 000 bottles stemming from a noble encépagement (50 % Merlots, 50 % Cabernet). In a spirit of tradition, our vineyards  are plowed

In a spirit of tradition, our vineyards  are ploughed .The wine making is made in stainless tanks with long macerations. The ageing is made in oak barrels allowing to elaborate a supple , strong wine, developing a fine and remarkable bouquet.


After several years of home help on the exploitation of his father, Mr. Négrier Henri buys his first plot of land of vineyard in 1978, the wine is marketed by the St Seurin de Cadourne’s cooperative cellar.

In 1990, he leaves the Cooperative cellar and transforms his ancient stables into cellar

The mark Chateau Moulin de Blanchon is born in 1992.

In 2000, creation of a company (EARL) including Mr. Negrier Henri as manager and as associated his wife and her two children.

Extended regularly, the domain counts in 2010: 24 hectares of vineyards in AOC (PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) Haut Médoc and 60 ares in appellation St Estephe.

The vineyard is particularly well situated: on the rocky hillsides lining the Gironde, encircled with most great vintages of HAUT-MÉDOC

By its efforts, its work and its quality Chateau Moulin de Blanchon obtains the mention Cru Bourgeois in 2010.

OWNER : Mr & Mme Henri NEGRIER
CELLAR MASTER : Mr. NEGRIER Henri, Sylvain, Vincent
DENSITY OF PLANTATION : 8000 feet / hectare
AVERAGE AGE OF STOCKS : 40 – 50 years
COMPOSITION OF THE GROUND : Engrave / Argilo-calcaires
RETURN : 50 hectoliters / hectare
CUTTING : Guyot doubles
ENCEPAGEMENT : 50 % Merlots
50 % Cabernet Sauvignons
MADE BREEDING : was of oak there during 12 months.
EMPLOYEE : Mr Potier Rémi in C.D.I.

Cycle of the seasons

The grapevine is a big garden which asks for a constant attention, renewed in every season.

Of November in March : it is the time of the size, the wine grower such a loving gardener of his roses, selects fructifères twigs.

In spring comes the time of the plowings to clean the base of vine stocks and aerate

In April appear the first buds, they are the promise of the harvest to come and the hope of a great vintage wine.

At the end of May the bloom which appears is the object of many anxieties. We scrutinize the sky, we are afraid of the strong rains, of thunderstorms or of late frosts so pernicious as unexpected. Nevertheless his knowledge, the wine grower does not master the sky.

Months summer are the ones of the lifting, the pollarding, épamprage, éclaircissage, so much attention to order, channel and facilitate a good maturity of bays

In mid-August, grapes change color, they are transformed into beautiful promising bunches

In the middle of September at the beginning of October comes the time of the grape harvest, it is the most delicate period with the fruit of the work made all year round. Then, follows the alcoholic fermentations and malolactiques, the macerations and the assembly.


The visitor will be struck in very first, by the high density of the plantation of vine (8000 feet / hectares), very low, tradition of the Médoc, allowing to give grapes of more high quality.

The encépagement is 50 % Cabernet Sauvignon and of 50 % Merlot.

The selection Chateau Moulin de Blanchon  arises from the oldest vines (average age 40 – 50 years).

The second wine: Chateau Hauts de Gadet is elaborated from the youngest vines.

Its soil is particularly well established, the flat slopes which line the Gironde, refreshed of beautiful one croup of grave on an argilo-calcareous base which is reminding Saint-Estèphe.


The cellar cultivates the twilight. People of the art inherit from the grape harvest, a raw, sunny material which little by little in the shadow of the cellar is going to be transformed in cash subtle.

A first alchemy takes place in tanks in stainless steel, at the time of the fermentation, the other one is made during the passage in barrels

In the course of days, we watch the success of the marriage between the oak and the liquid which is going to rise little by little in deserving naming of wine of Haut Médoc.

For that purpose, still it is necessary to proceed to a singular operation of Bordeaux wines : the assembly. Learned and mysterious union of products stemming from various vines, skillful research for the complexity, for the balance and for the harmony, the assembly qualifies a wine, confers it, his color, his flavour, his notes.

For this long months in barrels ( 12 months), the wine still works shielded from the excesses of temperatures, it builds itself little by little, it builds up to itself an identity.

Then will come the collage, always traditional in egg whites before the bottling which will come to close a stage beyond which Moulin de Blanchon shows itself and exposes itself.